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Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. currently offers select super high quality pure natural green living
herbal health, fitness & skin care elixirs direct from Thailand grower/manufacturers

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   SACRED PINK LOTUS fresh organic dried flower petals tea Now $14.99


a rare safe natural compound that firms, strengthens muscles & re-energizes youthful vitality

Eucommia ulmoides (scientific name) pure orgnic herbal bark 100:1 extract powder dietary supplement aka: Toe Toang (Thai name) Du Zhong (Chinese name) Halo Elite (US private brand name)

Eucommia Ulmoides causes skeletal muscle development, bone density improvement,
increases sex drive and is 100% safe for both men and women

one oz ziplock comes in zip lock & resealable metalized pouch

– increases size & lean muscle mass
– supports strength & power
– improves sex drive & libido m/f
– contains phyto-compounds that encourage the development of natural collagen
– strengthens liver and kidneys
- heals tissues that are slow to mend after an injury or that have weakened through stress or age
– treats lower back and leg pain, stiffness, arthritis, and knee problems
– diuretic properties aid in reducing swelling
– lowers blood pressure

The plant compounds in EU offer numerous natural organic health benefits including;

Hence, EU has been widely used solely and/or with other compounds to treat cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction, cancer,
metabolic syndrome, and neurological diseases

MSRP $59.95
Now $29.99 includes shipping



Siam Natural organic four rice bran germ superfood blend contains;

Riceberry Bran germ black/purple 25%

Sang Yod Bran germ red 25%

Jasmine-Basmati Bran Germ brown 30%

GABA Bran Germ brown 20%

Riceberry IV organic Rice bran germ blend

120 each 500 mg capsules blended organic rice bran germ

MSRP $59.99

includes shipping Read

  Siam Natural's Holistic Apothecary contains organic whole food supplements, herbs & teas direct from Mother Nature for traditional health benefits & disease prevention m/f

Ladies Holistic Essentials Ladies Holistic Essentials Healing Organic Herbal Food Supplements

Natural holistic herbal blended whole food organic supplements for ladies & men that can treat or prevent diseases like diabetes II, antiosteoarthritis, numerous types of tumors, cysts, prevent cancers, heart disease, improve fertility problems, remedy ED/BHP, lower cholesterol, boost energy, promote weight loss via via cell metabolism & fight numerous common ailments naturally packaged in daily tasty blends

Look Younger - Feel Better - Live Longer


NaturePaq™ Super-Natural-IV m/f dietary supplement

60 sixty ea 400 mg size 0 capsules containing 4 pure herbal 100:1 extracts: Butea superba, Tongkat ali, Black Ginger & Macuna pruriens Read more

MSRP $49.95 Now $29.98 + $6.00 shipping

Introducing New NaturePaq MoringaThon Energy Tabs


organic tablets enhance the effects of Pueraria mirifica products w pure natural high protein & calcium multi-vitamins, minerals, amino acids.
You get a total of 240 ea 400 mg pure raw organic Moringa tablets. One month's suppply certified organic MoringaThon tabs now available in USA www.naturepaq.net

Reg $39.95 - Now On Sale - 30 pocket size packets MoringaThon
Energy Tabs w 8 tablets per pack each of 100% raw natural organic superfood

Now $29.99 ea 30 packet pouch + $8.00 shipping/handling

New MoringaThon 240 ea 400 mg pure raw certified organic Moringa tablets family size tub.

Reg $39.95 240 MoringaThon
Energy Tabs 100% raw natural organic superfood

Now $29.95 ea + $8.00 shipping/handling

Organic Jasmine Rice Bran Oil 500mg Softgels ideally balanced organic vitamin E & Omega's nutrition

MSRP $44.95

Now $24.99 save $20.00!

Internal use: For menopausal symptoms, mild anxiety, weight loss, upset stomach, and high cholesterol. 1-2 (500 ) mg capsules per day

Organic Jasmine Rice Bran oil Also available in 100 ml plastic bottle w spray nozzle for external use


Introducing the best natural Prostate Protection formula 
Prostate Protect Formula  New Siam Natural  
Supernatural Organic herbal PROSTATE PROTECT formula

treats BPH w Cucurbita pepo, Momordica charantia,
Momordica cochinchinensis, Butea superba.
Benefits; Prostate health, cardiovascular health, liver cleanse, re-newed hair growth

$39.95 ea + $7.00 shipping/handling

  Fresh dried Organic Lingzhi - Reishi raw mushroom powder capsules


NOW IN STOCK Green Marine Protein Powder The ultimate Green biotech organic whole fish protein powder extract

TigerPaw Muaythai traditional muscle, joint & arthritic herbal Plai in a new pure steam distillate pain relief lotion

The latest natural herbal pain relief for sore muscles, sports injuries, arthritus & more.
Muscle aches will never get in the way of your workout with new Tiger Paw
lotion as part of your fitness regime
Contains traditional Thai Plai Zingiber cassumunar pure distillate.


Zingiber cassumunar Roxb

Plai 10 ml essential oil or 4 ounce pure powder compound foil pack



For women who wish to reduce the signs of aging and maintain a youthful glow,
Sea Buckthorn successfully combats wrinkles, dryness and various symptoms of
prematurely aging skin and can be used for a face mask, hair and scalp rinse treatment.

   super natural nutrition his hers fitness beauty gift baskets

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On Sale $49.95 + $10.00 shipping

Blue Butterfly Pea 


Buy Siam Natural  herbal health beauty skin care & fitness products ship direct from Siam Natural Organics.
grower-purveyors in Thailand


Siam Natural Adaptogen-III  400mg V-caps super stress control adaptogen organic compounds Emblica officinalis, Radix Eleutherococci, Ocimum sanctum
Red Holy basil also contains ursolic acid & is touted as one of the cosmetic industry's latest favorites because it improves the skin's elasticity and combats wrinkles.

More about Adaptogen-III


Regenerative Order

MSRP $39.95

Now $24.95+ $6.00 shipping/handling


Kwao Krua Kao  Pueraria mirifica 100% Organic S-N kkk-org
 Kwao Kreu Kao  Pueraria mirifica  
S-N NX100 300mg raw compound with 100mg powder extract

More about Kwao Kreu Kao   "Imagine staving off the devastating effects of menopause, so that you’ll never suffer another sleepless night riddled with hot flashes again. And if all that isn’t compelling enough, imagine being able to combat breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervicalcancer and prostate complications— all with this single “miraculous” herb". © Alicia Potee. exerpt from HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE MEMBERS ALERT FOR SEPTEMBER 2007 Vol. 12, No. 3

We offer both Naturoestrol-I & Naturoestrol-II liquid Pueraria mirifica liquid extracts from organically cultivated Kwao krua kao. A safe & natural nutriceutical formulation that contains both maceration PM liquid extract & our latest Naturoestrol - II 'green' SFE cold process organic extract. We now have three formulas with the latest Pure Sea Protein Plus (above) exfoliating facial & breast firming/enlargement formula. See Herbal & Neutraceutical Cosmetics


 Siam Natural Pure Sea Collagen hydrolysate V-caps Read more 
Siam Natural Regular $16.99 Now $10.99 + $5.00 shipping Sea (Marine) Collagen hydrolysate V-caps 60 ea. 400mg

Hydrolyzed Sea Collagen is beneficial in replacing the synovial fluids between joints & in repairing & building cartilage weakened by overuse through impact and stress.


Kwao krua dang Butea superba   Kwao Kreu dang  Butea superba  

More about Kwao Krua dang


Chi Wu Cha Radix Eleutherococci      

More about Chi Wu Cha


Siam Natural

Galanga    Alpinia galangal 100% natural health supplement 100 ea 400mg V-caps per bottle

The Galangal rhizome is a strongly aromatic natural herbal compound used in Thai traditional (TTM) holistic health practices. It's useful against rheumatism, possesses tonic & antibacterial qualities and used as a body deodorizer in homeopathic medicine. Alpinia [greater] Galangal has been used throughout Europe & Asia as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Named 'Kha' in Thai translates to "white galanga".
The Alpinia galanga herb contains about 2.5 to 4% essential oil.

• Galangal has anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant activities.
• Assists in reducing cholesterol
• Believed to lower risk & help prevent stomach, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers
• a powerful Aphrodisiac

Read More

Krachai Kaempheria Galanga

Mangosteen 400mg V-caps.

• Anti-inflammatory
• Cardiovascular health
• Anti-oxidant
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
 Thai Mangosteen 400mg V-caps - contain 100mg pure powder extract & 300mg of raw sun-dried pericap (rind) powder  Mangkhut pericarp contains  

Garcinia mangostana (pericarp)
Read more about Mangkhut
Mangkhut technical description

Makhom pom Emblica myrobalan  Makhom Pom  Emblica myrobalan Available in pure raw fruit pulp powder extract

about Makhom pom


Noni Morinda citrifolia L.


Garcinia Cambogia organically cultivated weight-loss compound 500 mg capsules




Traditional natural weight loss plant fiber in V-caps, an effective Asian dietary supplement called Thai "Bok", aka Konnyaku in Japan.

How does it work?

Thai BUK (pronounced "book") or Bok Khao is a natural plant food and dietary fiber root powder supplement that expands 17X in your stomach with water and causes a feeling of fullness. Taken before meals it helps you eat less of the foods you crave that increase your weight, and acts as a mild laxative.
There is NO magic involved here - just proven results if you apply these simple principals in your eating habits.

Bok Khao (aka: BUK) stimulates absorption and digestion of protein and other nutritious substances, keeps the intestines clean, and assists in bowel movements.

It truly promotes weight loss, relieves fatigue, and performs the critical function of helping in keeping one fit and trim. When people are trying to lose weight, often times they experience failure with their dieting program. Some people are lucky enough to be born with high metabolic rate that helps them burn off calories efficiently and effectively, so no matter whatever they eat, they won’t experience weight gain. Most of us, however are born with medium to slow metabolic rate so we constantly have issues with the weight.
In Thai traditional medicine (TTM), the dried Thai "Buk" root powder is believed to discourage overeating because it creates a feeling of fullness when the fiber in it swells. Because stomach contents may stay in the stomach longer, the individual does not feel hungry as often. However, in most of the research studying weight loss, study participants also drank large amounts of water and followed a reduced-calorie diet. Regular $29.95 Save $10.00 Now $19.95 + shipping for 100 V-caps.

More about Bok Khao


Tongkat Ali Thai name: Plaplai Phueak 
(Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)


Revitalizes energy, restores stamina, increases testosterone levels, and enhances libido. Human studies; As of May 2010, only one human study was recorded with eurycoma herb or extract. Reports from users indicate that this herb and the extracts are effective sexual enhancers.
Read the details:Tongkat Ali



Macuna Prueriens Dolichos pruriens - aka: Thai "Mah Mui" is an adaptogenic herbal powder for fatigue, obesity, libido, & body building supplement
As a potent herbal aphrodisiac, Mucuna pruriens has shown independent ability to increase endogenous testosterone as well as increase endogenous HGH.

a 100% natural ED remedy for men • Increases natural testosterone • Stabilizes blood sugar levels for diabetes II Promotes natural HGH via L-Dopa production  

Read the details: Macuna Prueriens  



LycoFak  Momordica cochinchinensis Asian super fruit supplements are more recently becoming known as a premier source of carotenoids, especially ßeta-carotene & lycopene.

Thai name: Fak Khaao is now available in V-caps, tea powder extract and raw edible liquid concentrate
Read more here

Siam Naturall™ Herbal Health & Beauty Products

Blue Butterfly Pea Pure extract contains Proanthocyanidin

Proanthocyanidin Clitoria Ternatea
Contents per 100 grams
Blue Proanthocyanidin pure Clitoria ternatea flower
Total phenolic content 460.0mg-230.3
Gallic acid equivalent/g dried extract.
Total flavonoids content range of 50.3-114.8 mg (Quercetin)
Equivalent/g dried extract. Ascorbic acid (5.94mg)
Reduced glutathione 25.68 (n moles/g)
Total carotenoids (26.58 mg)

Siam Natural
Premium grade Thai wild blue Clitoria ternatea natural flavanoid (Quercetin) extract

Summary of benefits
• Restores circulatory system function
Improves memory
Reverses circulatory condition that causes vericose veins
Rejuvenates skin tones, hair color & texture
Stabilizes blood sugar levels for diabetes II patients
Lowers stress & anxiety as an antidepressant, anticonvulsant, and as an herbal sedative with its tranquillizing effect, Butterfly pea is rich in blue Anthocyanin and widely used in South East Asia as natural colorant for food and for many decades as a Thai herbal folklore remedy to treat hair loss and prematurely graying hair. A general step to numerous health benefits is to consume plenty of foods rich in flavonoids, the water-soluble pigments that give plants their color. These compounds tone skin, protect from inflammation and oxidative damage, and help revive the circulatory system to get back years of health and glow. Illnesses of the heart, veins, arteries, blood, lymphatic system are all dependent on the overall vitality and balance of the circulatory system.

Read More about Blue Butterfly Pea V-caps with Proanthocyanidin



Siam Natural™ Herbal Health & Beauty Products

Curcurma Comosa Wan Chak Mod Luk    

The primary benefits are tightening of vagina, repairing vaginal wall prolapse, relieving premenstrual cramps, promoting clean discharge and eliminating unpleasant odors around the genital area.• Eases stiff muscles, increases sex drive, excellent for nursing mothers, prevent gallstones, assists hormonal balance system

Read more about Curcuma comosa

chemical ingredients: volatile oil (6-11%): (a) 1-cyclo-isoprenemyrcene (up to 85%);
(b) an aromatic sesquiterpene phenol, xanthorrizol, (up to. 20% ) (not found in jiang huang (C. longa)
curcuminoids: curcumin 62% and desmethoxycurcumin 38%, starch (30-40%)

Dosage: As a dietary supplement: (2) V-caps per day - Treatment dosage of dried root powder: 1 ~ 5 grams - Take before meals for improving digestion.
Do not use during pregnancy; (may cause uterus contraction)

Siam Naturalcold pressed organic Jasmine Rice Bran germ oil and 500mg softgels   

Now On Sale 60 ea 500mg softgels $24.99 save $20.00!

Internal use: For menopausal symptoms, mild anxiety, weight loss, upset stomach, and high cholesterol. 1-2 (500 ) mg capsules per day

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SACRED PINK LOTUS fresh organic dried flower petals tea

Chinese Green Tea


 Chi Wu Cha 

Pandan Là Dua

Butterfly Pea

Twisted Jute - Pha Krabit

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