Momordica Cochinchinens is a super carotenoid vita-rich fruit powder from Thailand

Momordica Cochinchinensis 'Gac' Fruit Health Benefits

Deficiency in Diet

Human beings require Vitamin A from external sources such as carotenoids.

Vitamin A deficiency can have a serious impact on our well being such as;

· Poor eyesight due to diminishing vision with age
· Lowered resistance to diseases
· Deterioration of bone & skeletal structure
· A cause in 'iron poor' blood
· A lack of Vitamin A can create coronary artery disease (Atherosclerosis)
· Deficiencies in Vitamin A are known to propigate human cellular damage 
  causing premature aging.

LYCOFAK Momordica Cochinchinensis fruit powder contains an abundance of Zeaxanthin & ßeta-carotene

ßeta carotene & Zeaxanthin can alleviate dry eyes & help
prevent night blindness

View of regenerated eye & visual function increased with stem cells from healthy skin     regenerated and visual function increased with stem cells from skin

Zeaxanthin, a component abundant in LYCOFAK gac fruit shields ocular tissues against ultraviolet rays and imprudent oxygen species that can cause cataracts & age-related vision degradation. Beta-carotene, the pro vitamin A present in the Momordica Cochinchinensis gac fruit health supplement aids in the prevention of early degeneration of eyesight.



· Vitamin A is key to healthy bone structure & proper growth in infants to  adolescents through adulthood.


· Vitamin A is commonly known as being capable of acting against infection by inhibiting the spread of an infectious agent(s) or by killing the infectious agent outright.

· Vitamin A plays a key role in the development & descrimination of white blood cells, such as lymphocytes.

· LYCOFAK Momordica Cochinchinensis gac fruit powder also contains natural vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol which further enhances the therapeutic approach for immunopathogenic diseases..


· Vitamin A is important in the development vaginal epithelium

· Vitamin A plays an important role in embryonic development of the following:
· Eyes
· Limbs
· Skin
· Mucous membranes
· Infection resistance
Bone growth

· Vitamin A also assists in the development of spermatogenesis (sperm)

Anemic Condition

· Red blood cells are derived from precursor cells called stem cells

· Stem cells depend on Vitamin A for differentiation into red blood cells

· Vitamin A facilitates delivery of iron from the body to the red blood cell for incorporation into hemoglobin, the oxygen carrier in red blood cells.


· The human being’s generation of antioxidants decreases with age.

· Lycopene, ß-Carotene, Vitamin C & Vitamin E in LYCOFAK Momordica Cochinchinensis gac fruit powder supplement contains antioxidants that scavenge 'free radicals'.

· LYCOFAK is a natural beauty enhancement keeping skin looking younger with
  fewer wrinkles when ingested as a daily herbal supplement



· The antioxidants in Fak Khaao Momordica Cochinchinensis powder combat Atherosclerosis.

· Studies have shown that diets high in ß-carotene and Lycopene may reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%.

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