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Fresh is the keyword to your personal glow, beauty, fitness, and a balanced wellness through 100% natural anti-aging nutritional botanical elixirs. Feed your body, mind & spirit with three different organic supplement blends containing protein, minerals, & vitamins from clean green natural resources.

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Natural Organic Nutrition is key to preventing inflammation & low immune system, the source of many health problems in progress due to diet, stress and lack of physical activity.

Super-Natural Nutrition

Blend #1

Mah Khom pom fruit extract

Lingzhi-Reishi mushroom

Moringa oleifera leaf powder

LycoFak Momordica Cochinchinensis

Márá Momordica charantia


Super Antioxidant Anti-innflammatory

Blend #2

Mangkhut Garcinia Mangostana

Noni Morinda citrifolia

Kha Alpina Galangal


Ma mao Luang Antidesma bunius aka: Thai Blueberry

Khamin Curcuma longa

Super Agility Antiaging Cognitive

Blend #3

Haritaki Terminalia chebula [TriPhala]

Kapao dang Red Holy Basil

Kra Chai dum (Black Ginger)


Sea Collagen Hydrolysate

There are two types of inflammation; acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is part of a healthy immune system response. However, chronic, low-grade, tissue inflammation may lead to the pathogenesis of a variety of chronic diseases. Chronic inflammation plays an important role in diseases as apparently diverse as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and auto-immune diseases. Moreover, the less dramatic daily discomforts of life, such as chronic pain, depression, memory loss, general cognitive decline, and general muscle fatigue, all seem to be connected in some way to an underlying inflammatory condition. (Kevin Krall, Associate Scientist)

Anti-inflammatory Foods, Nutrients and Bioactive Factors Used in Clinical Trials.

• Vitamin E
• Vitamin D

• Vitamin C

• Riboflavin

• Niacin

Bioactives & Antioxidants
• Coenzyme Q10
• Quercetin
• isoflavones
• Beta-carotene
• L-carnitine
• Polyphenols

Free radical stress can cause tissue damage and result in an inflammatory response. Adequate intakes of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, important antioxidant vitamins, and other carotenoids may help prevent free radical damage and to help maintain healthy inflammation.

Siam Natural Organics Health & Fitness Club offers monthly sachet beverage blends made from our 100% super-natural organic healthy Thai holistic rejuvenating herbs & fitness, antiaging elixirs seen below;


Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) with Sea collagen hydrolysate
112mg/100g puerarin, daidzin 4.79 mg/100g genistin21.9mg/100g, genistein 8.72mg/100g,
daidzein 5.13mg/100g

V-caps Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica) w/ Sea collagen
plus (1) oz sliced white Kwao Krua kao root tea

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LycoFak or Gac Momordica cochinchinensis


Momordica cochinchinensis (Faak Khaao or Gac) Super Fruit aril, a premier source of carotenoids, beta-carotene and lycopene,
Provitamin A Zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, (Alpha-Tocopherol), Minerals: Zinc & Iron - Fiber - Fatty Acids: Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic

V-caps or (1) oz dried tea extract

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A team in Thailand recently analyzed the phytochemicals in three fractions of gac fruit: the peel, pulp, and aril (the fleshy covering of the seeds). They found that the aril contains the highest levels of both lycopene and beta-carotene, and the peel (yellow) contained the greatest amount of lutein. Among the phenolic compounds identified in gac fruit, gallic acid and p-hydroxybenzoic acid were found in all three fractions, and ferulic acid and p-hydroxybenzoic acid were present in the highest levels in the pulp. Of flavonoids, myricetin was the only one found in all three fractions, while apigenin was most abundant in the pulp (red), and rutin and luteolin had their highest content in aril.

The antioxidant activity levels of the Fak Khaao (gac) fruit extracts varied. Aril extract had the highest FRAP value, while the highest antioxidant activity of the peel and pulp extracts were found at the immature stage of development. The antioxidant value of seed extracts increased from the mature to the ripe stage. (Kubola 2011)

Momordica cochinchinensis Fak Khaao (Gac) pulp contains fat that plays an important part in the absorption of the carotenes, vitamin E, and other fat-soluble nutrients in the fruit. Having the fat in powder form makes it much easier for individuals to benefit from the nutrients. A research team evaluated the impact of inlet drying air temperature and maltodextrin on the physiocochemical and antioxidant attributes of the aril powder. Overall, the scientists found that it is possible to produce good quality powder in terms of color total carotenoid content, and total antioxidant activity when it is spray-dried at inlet temperatures of 120 degrees C with the addition of maltodextrin concentration at 10% weight/volume. (Kha 2010)

An evaluation of the carotenoids present in the (gac) fruit was conducted by a Japanese research team. High-performance liquid chromatography was used to analyze the concentrations of beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, lycopene, and zeaxanthin. Lycopene was most abundant in the seed membrane at a concentration of up to 380 micrograms per gram of membrane, which is tenfold higher than what is found in fruits and vegetables rich in lycopene. The researchers also found that the lycopene and beta-carotene content of the seeds was much greater than that found in the pulp. (Aoki 2002)

Jiaogulan Gynostemma pentaphyllum


Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) aka: Immortality Tea
contains: gypenosides, selenium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and phosphorus & has powerful regulatory effect on a number of bodily systems; reproductive system, digestive system, immune system, treats high cholesterol, high blood pressure & improves heart function.
It is also increases stamina & endurance & resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”) & improves memory function.

V-caps or (1) oz tea leaf powder

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Key Constituents:. Gypenosides, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Phosphorus

Key Benefits

1. Promotes proper digestion
2. Acts as an antioxidant
3. Takes care of the immune system of the body
4. Promotes healthy circulatory system
5. It is an anti-inflammatory
6. Gives a feeling of general wellness
7. Supports the normal sugar levels of the body
8. Helps prevent hair loss




Mangosteen Garcinia magostana super fruit anti-oxidant anti-inflamatory pericarp. Contains 24 Xanthones identified in the pericarp rind powder that demonstrate
a positive effect on cardiovascular health; antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to their being a powerful antioxidant.
They boost our energy, prevent pain, reduce anxiety, help to prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and have anti-tumor and cancer properties.

V-caps or tea extract powder

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Mangosteen pericarp . . . a 100% natural (purple rind) powder compound with powerful free radical scavaging antioxidants & super anti-aging health supplement with over forty anti-oxidants known as Xanthones. Mangosteen is known as Mangkhut in Thailand- (Garcinia mangostana) and offers several life sustaining health benefits when taken as a daily supplement;

. Anti-inflammatory - inhibits histamine and prostaglandins
. Cardiovascular health - inhibits the oxidation of LDLs
. Anti-oxidant - induces the synthesis of superoxide dismutase
. Antibacterial - ex. methicillin-resistant S. aureus
. Antifungal - ex. F.oxysporum, A. alternata and D. oryzae

Mangosteen contains the following phytochemicals:
. catechins,
. rosin,
. mangostin,
. normangostin,
. xanthones,
. gartanin

Mangosteen has long been used in Asia for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been effectively used for treatment of various skin conditions as well as a traditional tonic for fatigue and low energy. There may be no other plant more widely used and studied in Asia that is so unfamiliar to the Western world.

Numerous Health Benefits

. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
. Highest content of Xanthones from the pericarp (rind)
. Strong antioxidant rejuvenating benefits

Over the past six years, noted ethnobiologist, Dr. James Duke has identified 210 distinct active ingredients each of which play a role
in maintaining balance in the human body. The value of mangosteen has two important components:
(1) antioxidant properties and
(2) other medicinal properties of Xanthones.

Moringa Oleifera


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Moringa Oleifera The 90 plus nutrients in Moringa sets your nutritional process in motion with the perfect natural balanced combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol and 18 natural amino acids.

V-caps or (1) oz tea leaf powder & new certified organic MoringaThon Energy Tabs

Moringa Oleifera is one of the most nutritious plants discovered to date. While no one food gives us all the nutrition we need, Moringa Oleifera, comes closer than anything else, with its 90 plus nutritional compounds it is one of the the most nutrient rich plants discovered to date. Moringa improves the effectiveness of balanced nutrients in the body including the treasure trove of nutrients you're already getting just by drinking fresh Moringa tea. Moringa literally sets your nutritional process in motion with the perfect natural balanced combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol,- all naturally found in Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa was well known to the ancient world, but only recently has it been "rediscovered" as a multi-purpose tree with a tremendous variety of potential uses. The edible leaves of the tree are very nutritious and are consumed throughout West Africa as well as in some parts of Asia . The high concentrations of iron, protein, copper, various vitamins and essential amino acids present in Moringa leaves make them a virtually ideal nutritional supplement. Both the leaves and pods of Moringa oleifera can be an extremely valuable source of nutrition for people of all ages. Gram for gram, the Moringa leaves contain:

. Four times the calcium in Milk
. Four times the Vitamin A in Carrots
. Seven times the Vitamin C in Oranges
. Three times the potassium in Bananas
. Two times the protein in Milk

Blue Butterfly Pea


Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Proanthoicyanidin)
V-caps or (1) oz powder instant tea (natural Qi Gong extract)

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Proanthocyanidin (Clitoria Ternatea)
Contents per 100 grams; Blue Proanthocyanidin pure Clitoria ternatea flower

Total phenolic content 460.0mg-230.3
Gallic acid equivalent/g dried extract.
Total flavonoids content range of 50.3-114.8 mg (Quercetin)
Equivalent/g dried extract. Ascorbic acid (5.94mg)
Reduced glutathione 25.68 (n moles/g)
Total carotenoids (26.58 mg)

Summary of benefits of Proanthocyanidins
• Restores circulatory system function
• Improves memory
• Reverses circulatory condition that causes vericose veins
• Rejuvenates skin tones, hair color & texture
• Stabilizes blood sugar levels for diabetes II patients
• Lowers stress & anxiety as an antidepressant, anticonvulsant, and as an herbal sedative with its tranquillizing effectButterfly pea is rich in blue Anthocyanin and widely used in South East Asia as natural colorant for food and for many decades as a Thai herbal folklore remedy to treat hair loss and prematurely graying hair. For centuries the plant has been used as a memory enhancer, to lessen stress and anxiety, as an antidepressant, anticonvulsant and as a sedative as it has tranquillizing effects. A general step to numerous health benefits is to consume plenty of foods rich in flavonoids, the water-soluble pigments that give plants their color. These compounds tone skin, protect from inflammation and oxidative damage, and help revive the circulatory system to get back years of health and glow. Illnesses of the heart, veins, arteries, blood, lymphatic system are all dependent on the overall vitality and balance of the circulatory system.

Unsightly varicose veins are a condition of the lower legs that occur when the cirulatory system is unable to keep up with carrying blood back to the heart. When vein walls get weak, blood leaks out or flows in the wrong direction. Several studies have shown a mixture of bioflavonoids to be helpful in treating varicose veins.

These compounds tone veins and protect them from inflammation and oxidative damage (varicose veins) in the lower legs that are unable to keep up with carrying blood back to the heart and when vein walls get weak, blood leaks out or flows in the wrong direction. Several studies have shown a mixture of [citrus] bioflavonoids called rutosides to be helpful in treating varicose veins.

Reviving the circulatory system back to health

Illnesses of the heart, veins, arteries, blood, lymphatic system are all dependent on the overall vitality and balance of the circulatory system. Researchers have conducted studies on the use of bioflavonoids for the treatment of poor circulation. In one eight-week study, researchers gave the subjects [1] gram of citrus bioflavonoids per day. At the end of the study, subjects reported better mobility during the day; improved stamina; and the regression of pain, nocturnal cramps, and fullness.

Jasmine Rice Bran Oil

Thai Jasmine Rice Bran Oil
Cold pressed organic [Khao dawk mali] rice bran oil refractive index, acid value, peroxide value and iodine value were recorded as 1.7294, 1.06 KOH mg/g oil, 3.12mg/kg
and 93.02 mg/g, respectively. The fatty acid profile showed palmitic acid (21.79%), stearic acid (1.86%), oleic acid (44.85%), linoleic acid (31.32%) and linolenic acid (0.19%) as major fatty acids. Oryzanol is an important component in rice bran oil, it occurs in cold pressed organic Jasmine rice bran oil at a
high level up to 1.298%, and serves as a natural antioxidant. Gamma Oryzanols 26094 ppm, natural vitamin E Tocopherol 64.4 ppm, alpha tocotrienol 236 ppm gamma tocotrienol, 349 ppm total: tocotrienol TRF 549 ppm natural Gamma Oryzanol, Tocopherol, & Tocotrianol TRF Omega 6/3 ideally balanced 4:1
15-100 ml oil in dropper or spray dispenser

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Thai Buk Weight Loss

Thai Buk Weight Loss
A dietary supplement with Protein and Amino acids, Bok Khao tuber contains 5%-10% crude protein and 6.8%-8.0% of 16 amino acids
(including 7 essential amino acids.) Amorphophallus riviera has 18 amino acids equivalent to 6.283%, with the most essential amino acids
consisting of 2.634%, and white (processed) konjac contains amino acids of 5.14% and 2.137%.
Minerals root tuber powder contains a high content of K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu, Co.

V-caps or (1) oz root powder

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Alpina Galanga


Alpina Galanga
Galangal is an anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant aasists in reducing cholesterol & believed in holistic & traditional Thai medicine (TTM) to lower risk & help prevent stomach, lung, breast, ovarian & prostate cancers. Galanga contains; dietary fiber, sodium, iron, vitamins A and C, Phyto-chemicals; gallic acid glycoside, galango isoflavonoid, ß-sitosterol, galangin, alpinin, zerumbone & kampferide, emodin and quercetin. Essential oils; tannins, phenol, glycosides, monoterpenes & carbohydrates including ethyl cinnamate (25%), ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate (30%), p-methoxycinnamic acid; 3-carene-5-one. Studies also report 4-butylmenthol, ß-phellandrene, a-terpineol, dihydro-ß-sesquiphellandrene, pentadecane and 1,8-cineol

V-caps or (1) oz root compound

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Alpinia galangal

The rhizome Galangal is a strongly aromatic natural herb used in Thai traditional (TTM) holistic health practices. Resembling ginger in appearance & effects, galangal is an aromatic stimulant, carminative and stomachic. It's useful against rheumatism, possesses tonic & antibacterial qualities, and used in homeopathic medicine as a body deodorizer. Both Galangals (Alpinia [greater] & Kaempferia l[esser]) have been in use throughout Europe & Asia as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Alpinia galanga named 'Kha' in Thai translates to "white galanga" rhizome in English. The Alpinia galanga herb contains about 2.5 to 4% essential oil.

. Galangal has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities.
. Assists in reducing cholesterol
. Believed to lowers risk & help prevent stomach, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers


Alpinia galangal contains;
dietary fiber,
sodium, iron
vitamins A and C
Phyto-chemicals, gallic acid glycoside, galango isoflavonoid, ?-sitosterol, galangin, alpinin, zerumbone & kampferide, Emodin and Quercetin. Essential oils, tannins, phenol, glycosides, monoterpenes & carbohydrates including ethyl cinnamate (25%), ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate (30%), p-methoxycinnamic acid; 3-carene-5-one. Studies also report 4-butylmenthol, ?-phellandrene, a-terpineol, dihydro-?-sesquiphellandrene, pentadecane and 1,8-cineol
Phytochemistry, 26, 3350, 1987


Curcuma comosa

Curcuma comosa (Wanchakmodlook) - vaginal tightening, uterine prolapse restoration & deodorant/rcleanse
V-caps or (1) powder compound

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 • The active ingredients (anti-oxidant and anti-edemic) are the curcuminoids (e. g. curcumin), encourages bile and prevents the formation of gallstones. It also contains essential oils, cinnamaldehyde and starch/carbohydrates.

 • The rhizome powder has powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammation properties (used in Hepatitis B and C). Wan Chuk Modlook smooths skin, excellent herbal treatment for liver and kidney disorders, decreases fever, eases stiff muscles, increases sex drive, excellent for nursing mothers, prevent gallstones, assists hormonal balance system, purifies blood, decreases body perspiration/sweating/body odors.

• It is used against acne (inhibits bacterial growth);

• It is used to normalize digestion.

• It increases breast milk production in nursing mothers.

• It decreases cholesterol levels in blood and liver.

[1] cholagogue (promotes bile secretion)

[2]) analgesics, anti-rheumatoid, arthritis, and muscular pains
antipyretic, anti-hepatotoxic liver problems,

[3} jaundice and gall stones lactagogues (promoting the flow of breast milk), improves contraction of uterus after giving birth
antispasmodic, eliminating cramps, anti-dysmenorrheal, inflammation of the rectum and hemorrhoids,
inflammation of the mouth, bloody diarrhea, dysentery, stomach disorders, children's cough and fever, constipation

• general tonic for diabetes, anti-itching, yeast infection, leucorrhoea, gastric gas

anti inflammatory, anti coagulation of blood cells, cholagogues (promotes bile secretion),

showed glucose lowering activity in diabetic rats,

antifungal, antibacterial: xanthorrizol can inhibit Staphylococcus Aureus (SA) and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

protects liver, lowering AST and can cause contraction of the uterus.

• anti oxidant, anti tumor, lowers the concentrations of serum triglycerides and phospholipids, and liver cholesterol, and increased serum HDL-cholesterol and Apolipoprotein A-1 (Apo A-1) [1] [5] inhibiting formation of the beta-amyloid plague in Alzheimer's patients.


Hydrolyzed Sea Collagen is beneficial in replacing the synovial fluids between joints & in repairing & building cartilage weakened by overuse through impact and stress.

Our bodies are made up of 30% collagen  of which 70% of these proteins are connective tissue made of collagen 


skin tissue
blood cell growth

 Some doctors are referring to Sea Collagen Hydrolysate as the new anti-aging product of the century. Depletion of collagen in the skin leads  to the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of ageing, which is why you've probably heard of collagen in relation to anti-aging products.  Depletion of collagen in connective tissue, which often occurs naturally as a result of age, can  contribute to such conditions as arthritis and  musculo-skeletal injuries due to a lack of support for the joints.

 Fish Collagen – Type I is the most abundant of the many types of Collagen and are found in bones, tendons, skin and tissues.
 Studies support that collagen peptides type I extracted from fish consist of small peptide molecules that have a superior bioavailability
 and digestibility compare to other collagen products. Due to smaller molecular weight, it is absorbed at a higher level through the intestinal
 barrier into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body, leading to the collagen synthesis in the joint tissues, bones and skin dermis.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is the missing link in supplying amino acids like glycine, proline and lysine that are required by the body to build connective tissue to regulate cell growth.
Fish collagen peptides are also characterized by their specific amino acid composition, with a high concentration of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These amino acids have nutri-functional properties supporting health and beauty. Hydroxyproline peptides such as Pro-Hyp or Hyp-Gly stimulate cells in the skin, joints and bones, and leads to collagen synthesis through cell activation, suppression and growth.
In particular, the amount of Hyp-containing peptide such as in the fish scale is significantly higher after ingestion than in any other form of collagen and can be detected in the blood.

Collagen is one of the most important structural constituents in our bodies, representing 1/15 of our total body weight. This fiber-shaped protein plays an extremely important role in ensuring the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and skeletal muscles.

As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, thus, it starts to break down. This is why skin sags and wrinkles: hair becomes thinner, dull, or lifeless; joints are stiffer and less flexible; and bodies become softer and have less tone. Diet, age, stress, digestive system, and physical activity all affect our ability to provide the body with the nutritional raw materials it requires.

Supplementing with collagen protein is believed to provide the body with the amino acids necessary to manufacture and support collagen in order to remain healthy and active.

Collagen is one of the most important structural substances in our bodies, accounting for 25 to 30% of its total protein – 75% of our skin is collagen. It is the key component for supple and radiant healthy skin.

As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, causing it to break down. Loss of collagen leads to a collapsing dermal layer and this contributes to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The environment also affects our skin and UVA/UVB exposure induces skin damage and loss of collagen. Everyone can benefit from taking collagen and maintaining the integrity of the extracellular matrix is essential for a youthful skin appearance.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is unique in its amino acid structure because of its high amounts of glycine, lysine and proline, which are found in lower amounts in other protein food supplements. These particular amino acids are found to generate cell growth much quicker because the natural ability to produce supporting amounts of connective tissue diminishes after the age of 25.
Hydrolyzed Collagen is more easily digested because of its low molecular weight and is absorbed within 30 minutes.
All of the amino acids collectively are beneficial to cell reproduction, but it is the distinctive spectrum of this product that impacts the metabolic pathways to healthy tissue.

Live Longer & Stay Young, Beautiful, Healthy & Fit with excellent agility as you blossom foward

In the United States, cancer affects half of all men, and a third of all women. Those tough odds are compounded by the odds of surviving that cancer. Why is this happening, and what factors can improve our chances? The rise of diseases now typical of Western society has coincided oddly enough with the industrialization of the modern diet — food allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, GERD, peptic ulcers, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome . . . and ultimately cancer.
How does our food supply contribute to this common thread of illness, debilitation and early death?

Could it be that herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and algaecides are all named coined with the suffix “cides” which sounds a lot like suicide?

Eating bug killer and weed killer every day of one’s life can only lead to one place.

Still, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which most Americans believe is in place to protect our food and guard our health, has allowed more than 70,000 chemicals to infiltrate our food supply.

Many of these dangerous ingredients are outright toxins, and until we stop eating them, we are poisoning ourselves, undermining our health and allowing cancer to enter our bodies.
reprinted from the health ranger

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