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Specially formulated for elderly individuals yet very good for people from all walks of life to combat viruses, flue, bacteria, pathogens, fungi, etc.

The Siam Natural Organics HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER blend also has the potential to prevent potential dire consequences from exposure to the Covid-19 virus via our Thai traditional (TTM) natural holistic whole food supplements. Each 30 gram pouch contains four-five grams of each of the following immune system boosters;

Lingzhi-Reishi mushroom Polysaccharides: Beta-D-Glucan, FA, F1, F1-1a, D-6, A, B, C-2, D, G-A Betaglucan, G-Z, Organic Germanium (6000 ppm in the Ganocelium or GL), Anti-Oxidants (very high - around 23,000 I.U's.), Adenosine, Vitamin C, D and B Vitamins + Minerals, Various Enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids. Complete Proteins and Glycoproteins Selenium, Iron, Calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium - 110 Amino Acids - including ALL Esssential Amino Acids


Jiaogulan  Combats high cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, improves heart/circulatory system function, strengthens immune system, increases stamina, endurance & resistance to environmental stress, improves memory. Known as the Immortality herb in China



Bei Chai Hu, Bupleurum Longifolium (chinense) Asian women use for immunoregulation, antiviral, depression, anxiety, vertigo/equilibrium, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, antifungal, hepatoprotection . A superb natural immune system booster, and liver & kidney cleanse.


Bai Nat G Winitii  Thai Bai Nat is a source of novel metabolites with anti-cancer, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, & anti-aging properties


Luk tai ba Phyllanthus niruri L. (Euphorbiaceae) is proven for its capacity to modulate and activate the immune system. As an immunomodulator, its traditional use is to treat various ailments, such as kidney stones, chronic liver diseases, diabetes and viral infections. The versatile ethnomedicinal usage of the herb is tightly associated with its multiple pharmacological properties such as immunomodulator, anti-viral, antibacterial, diuretic, anti-hyperglycemia and hepatoprotector.

The scope of this review is limited only to the clinical evidences demonstrating benefits of the plant Phyllanthus niruri with its immunomodulatory properties, for the treatment of various infectious diseases. These evidences are expected to provide the plant a more significant place in the current clinical settings, particularly in the management of infectious diseases.

Phyllamthus niruri as an immunomodulator has scientifically been studied and evaluated in various clinical trials for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, pulmonary tuberculosis, vaginitis, as well as

varicella-zoster infection. In such diseases, the effective immune system is crucial to the treatment success and eradication of the pathogens.

In those clinical studies, Phyllanthus niruri has been proven for its capacity to modulate and activate the immune system. In fact, there are numerous in vitro and animal studies reporting potential benefits of the immunomodulatory properties of P. niruri, and numbers of randomized controlled clinical studies have been published to date. In the light of the scarcity of research to discover new, more effective and safe anti-infection chemical entities, that is also complicated with the growing threat from the new generations of drug resistant-pathogens, the utilization of nature-derived immunomodulatory agents, either alone or combined with the currently available antibiotics or antivirals, is undoubtedly promising and of clinical importance.

Most of the studies on Phyllanthus niruri warrant its potential benefits in various infectious diseases, and are expected to grant the herb an important place in the management of such diseases in the formal clinical practice. Phyllanthuis niruri also combats atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries caused by plaque), improves liver health, decreases insulin resistance, reduces fatty liver acids.

Asian Pacific Journal of Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease 7(3):132-140 · March 2017 DOI: 10.12980/apjtd.7.2017D6-287

Phak Khaep Phak Khaep Ivy gourd Thai Spinach, C. grandis is antioxidant, antihypoglycemic agent, and an immune system modulator,t inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase, one of the key liver enzymes involved in naturally regulating sugar metabolism.

Krathiam a. sativum extract Dried organic Krathiam powder is reported to be a wonderful medicinal plant owing to its preventive characteristics in cardiovascular diseases, regulating blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, effective against bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, enhancing the immune system and having antitumoral and antioxidant features.

Immune System Booster Blend one 30 gram pouch

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